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Copywriting 101

- by Jason Hart

Billion Dollar Copywriting Course…

Kick-start Your Copywriting Career Today… Learn The Techniques That Gary Halbert Used To Sell Billions of Dollars Worth of Products via Direct Mail and The Internet.

Dear Copywriting Friend,

Copywriting is the creative juice behind any advertising campaign. The ultimate success or failure of any such campaign is a direct result of the quality of the copywriting.

Famous copywriters include John E. Kennedy, Claude Hopkins, Maxwell Sackhiem, Robert Collier, John Caples, Bruce Barton, David Ogilvy, William Bernbach and Leo Burnett. Many creative artists spent some of their career as copywriters before becoming famous for other things, including Dorothy L. Sayers, Viktor Pelevin, Eric Ambler, Joseph Heller, Terry Gilliam, William S. Burroughs, Salman Rushdie, Don DeLillo, Lawrence Kasdan, Fay Weldon, Philip Kerr and Shigesato Itoi. (Herschell Gordon Lewis, on the other hand, became famous for directing violent exploitation films to become a very successful copywriter.)

The Internet has greatly expanded not only the range of copywriting but also the amount of copywriting opportunities to include web content, ads, commercial emails and other online media. It has also brought new opportunities for copywriters to learn their craft, conduct research and view others’ work. And the Internet has made it easier for employers, copywriters and art directors to find each other.

Since the passing of Sir Gary Halbert, considered by the greatest copywriting minds in the universe as the absolute King of Copy, I have been diligently studying a HUGE CACHE of Halbert’s newspaper, magazine, direct mail and online advertisements.

Here’s what I discovered, by compiling Gary’s ads as separate and individual lessons with contextual annotation and laser focused products assignments, one would have the Greatest Copywriting Course ever released.

Normally, swipe files are merely a collection of PDF files, maybe JPG’s of the ads as well, occasionally a transcript of an interview with the copywriter, and frequently some bonus material that may or may not relate to the main.

What usually happens is that these products are grabbed up, looked at once, maybe twice and never ever used for the purpose with which they were intended.

The Gary Halbert Billion Dollar Copywriting Course is different

Re-engineered and designed from the ground up with YOU IN MIND. This new sate-of-the-art Copywriting Course sets a whole new standard not achieved by previous courses.

In the past this would have been released as one large PDF file.  Even as a complete copywriting course it would have been massive and daunting to anyone wanting to truly master the subtleties of Gary Halbert’s craft.  That was the 1st challenge.  Secondly, it did not lend itself to a continuing and ongoing project.  I mean, let’s face it Gary Halbert was not only one of the most successful (for his clients as well as himself) copywriters of all time, he was also the most prolific.  Even though this course constitutes a huge cache of Halbert’s ad’s (over 300 pages), more will be uncovered and will become a part of this course.

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