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How To Avoid Hype In Your Copy…

- by Jason Hart

Frequently I am asked, how can you write powerful, attention-getting copy without all the hype and hard-sell? This is a very good question because copywriters walk on a very thin line between the two. The bottom line is that your copy has to stand out from the rest, if not your sales are going to suffer a miserable death. If your copy is over the top, you’ll piss more people off than you’ll convert to customers.  Your copy will only breed disdain and mistrust. So, by popular demand, here are 5 ways that you can avoid hype in your copy while at the same time still get noticed and stand out from the hyped up crowd.

  1. 1. Connect with your target market. You have to almost literally crawl inside the head of your ideal customer. You need to understand at the deepest level the personality of your target market.  This is not easy…it takes work!  Yes, I used a four letter word; in fact I used two four letter words.  Because good, effective copywriting takes work and is not easy.  You can not just slap together a sales letter at the end and expect it to bring home the bacon.  However through proper research you’ll learn the likes and dislikes of your market…what they react positively to and what causes them to recoil in distrust. You’ll begin to see what they will tolerate and what they won’t.
  1. 2. Avoid adjectives. Many, many copywriters think that they can build the product into something huge in the prospects mind by using powerful adjectives.  When, in fact, good copywriters use more verbs than adjectives to get our point across.  By structuring your sentences in such a way that the verbs carry the day, your copy will not carry the extra baggage that a hyped up sales letter would.
  1. 3. Don’t say anything you cannot back up. Everyone wants to throw out facts and figures, numbers and statistics in their copy.  However, even though they generally raise the trust level and believability of the copy, if you include unsubstantiated numbers in your copy it will do just the opposite.
  1. 4. Make it “benefit-oriented”. This must be a constant, if you are a member of Gary Halbert Billion Dollar Copywriting Course then you know how much I harp on this.  And if you study Gary’s copy as outlined in the course you soon see what a master he was at it he always came in with both guns a blazing and let the prospect know what’s in it for them within the first couple of paragraphs of the copy. He knew, and you do too, that the only reason they are reading the copy is to find out how you can make their life better.  You can’t leave them hanging…you have to get in there quick with real tangible benefits for them or they will stop reading.  This is even more the case with web copy writing.

Swipe it. Be an observer.  Observe everything. Gene Schwartz advocated picking the longest line when you check out at the supermarket so that you can read all the tabloids as you wait.  These publications are geared to mainstream America…YOUR target market.  These are the highest paid writers in the world and these types of publications contain some of the most powerful headlines ever written.  This is a FREE swipe file! Also, become more aware of what sorts of words and phrases get YOUR attention. Whether that’s in direct mail, magazines, online or even email. Save YOUR “junk mail” and use it to build a “swipe file.” Whenever I start a writing project I always go through my swipe file to prime the pump, and get the inspirational juices flowing.

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