Focus Based Marketing

Laser focused, totally masterful copy crafted by a ruthless
perfectionist who holes himself up in a cabin high in the
hills of the blue ridge mountains and turns out line after
line of compelling, hypnotic money sucking copy.

Finally a Copywriter with INTEGRITY!

So it’s no small thing when I say that my copy will out perform Your Best Ad, Guaranteed!

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine a swift,
effortless, and economical sales process that literally
forces you to take your business to a whole new level of
profitability and success…

…this is what you can expect from Focus Based

You deserve it…

…it really doesn’t matter what kind of results you’ve had
(or not had) in the past…

Here is my straightforward guarantee: If the ad I write for
you doesn’t out perform your best ad by at least 10%, I’ll
give you a full refund, no-questions-asked. it’s more than
a guarantee; it’s my solemn promise to you.